Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whitley Floyd’s Discussion:


What do you think would happen to your work if severed your corpus callosum?

- If my corpus callosum was severed I am not sure if I would still be an artist or have interest in art as I do now. Being that I am an artist though I would have to imagine the work becomes very bland, and much more dry and literal, because I would no longer be seeing the world differently through the eyes of an artist who posses many filters.

Do you think that we as artist need both sides to be connected to produce work?

- I am sure there are people out there that could manage to do so, but I am not one of them. I need to be able to go back and forth left to right/ vice-a-versa during the creative process and pick from reality or my own world of things. SO yes I do believe one may need them both in order to be.

Which comes first for you, the image or speech?

- The image comes to me first and then straight towards interpretation. Speech takes me a bit longer to decipherer and is a much more abstract way of communicating at times.

What would happen to your work if you loss the ability to speak or recognize words?

- The loss of speech may be frustrating to deal with at first in the sense that I would no longer have the option to always give explanation with my work or even an intro to where I am in my process. This could become a great thing, not to be able to constantly give explanation but make work that stands alone and in some way or another speaks for me in replacing my voice with the visual world rather than the verbal.

Understanding how our brain works, do you feel as if you take the uniqueness of everyones brain functions into consideration while viewing other artist work while also keeping in mind how your brain functions?

- Yes I am always thinking about what the artist was thinking and maybe pick-up on a few pointers that I can apply to me own work.

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