Tuesday, September 14, 2010


It started out with me being unable to articulate verbal language to others. Painting became my outlet and way of communicating the “big heavy things” in my life and the current world around me. At the age of fifteen I had made my mind up and it was set from then that I was going to be an Artist and use that to speak to the people. Practicing art for me has always been pleasurable but as I matured I realized how much art has an influence through Art history courses, my knowledge was expanding and I came to understand the goal that I wanted to be a part of. The outlook of the world through my eyes and viewing it to everyone I knew. I saw mostly problems and history repeating itself. I did not understand this, why are we so reluctant to change when it is for the better of us all? So through my work I look at today’s society and try to make sense of it and also bring what have become our daily norms into, what I like to call its “true light.”

Artist at the moment:

Loretta Lux

Marlene Dumas

Pablo Picasso

Edward Kienholz

Rene Magritte

Chaos, Territory, Art- Grosz Reading

Grosz's goal is to delve into the conceptualizing origins of art and associates it with the chaos within the evolution process, somewhat like that of the "big bang theory" also art to sexual selection/ seduction. Later she brings out the connection of architecture to art, showing the framing of paintings is integrating the use of architecture and in wanting to contain the chaos within the framed art. The natural world is art, the process of luring a mate in the natural world is a combination of "the arts" using singing, dancing, releasing of specific scent as indicators to their mates. As Deleuze believed art makes sensation.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Start to a solid plan

Are we dumbing down the human race with the constant use and necessity of technology today? This is a question I ponder over as I do my work this year.
What I will be looking at:
-The effects of excessive online networking of children
-The tactile lost of play in today's society
-imagination is becoming less more inventive
-making people into having shorter attention span
Majority of today's media involves sex, violence, and drugs > moral conduct?
So if children are our future, what are we doing right now to ensure that we have a bright path laid out before us, to skip about with ease?

As for the research goes more the reading and some field work in and as the year proceeds I am very interested in doing installations and start to incorporate audio as well.
Main sources:
-public areas with children (observational studies)
-Reading books and articles that delve into my subject from other focuses and their point of view
-public schools

Images that come to mind:
-lima beans as a metaphor
-the fetus development
-social child play (toys & games)