Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Start to a solid plan

Are we dumbing down the human race with the constant use and necessity of technology today? This is a question I ponder over as I do my work this year.
What I will be looking at:
-The effects of excessive online networking of children
-The tactile lost of play in today's society
-imagination is becoming less more inventive
-making people into having shorter attention span
Majority of today's media involves sex, violence, and drugs > moral conduct?
So if children are our future, what are we doing right now to ensure that we have a bright path laid out before us, to skip about with ease?

As for the research goes more the reading and some field work in and as the year proceeds I am very interested in doing installations and start to incorporate audio as well.
Main sources:
-public areas with children (observational studies)
-Reading books and articles that delve into my subject from other focuses and their point of view
-public schools

Images that come to mind:
-lima beans as a metaphor
-the fetus development
-social child play (toys & games)

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