Monday, March 7, 2011

Jeremy’s Questions:

1. Does the premise of condensing hundreds of religions and philosophies into one 2 hour- long documentary seem ill- serving to the history and magnitude of the subject matter?

--> No. This documentary is just one of the many platforms for having this discussion. Just because of the length of one documentary on this subject does not mean the conversation ends there. This was a well- rounded documentary that had various religions and many other non-religious viewpoints. It did not favor any one side, and merely gave you the principles to each one and their opinions.

2. Do you consider your religion or non-religious beliefs before creating art?

--> If I really look into this question and my work it would probably be mostly yes. This happens unconsciously of course because it just becomes a norm to me in my daily method of art making. I believe it is moral principles and making sure not to abandon them is usually what takes part in my process.

3. Sartre's understanding of life is that it reflects the experience of one's existence. How does your artwork reflect the experience of your existence?

--> How does my artwork reflect the experience of my existence? I like to think of art as a journal, a recorder of everything I feel and do. It also can hold a time or event that I have seen or lived through. In all that I represent through my artworks existence is part of my own and contains some part of my experience of being.

4. “The fact that we all suffer from the day we are born to the day we expire… is funny.” What part should humor play in the discussion of religion and mortality?

--> Well I do not know how to answer this question really. I do suppose it is funny that we all mostly strive to be better and spend so much time and money improving on the physical aspects of things.

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