Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trevor's Reading


1.) Do you think any of Graham Handcock's idea's in the video are plausible? Which ones, why?

Wow! I don’t know. This might be to far fetch for me to digest. Handcock’s idea on the encoding messages on our DNA from our creator of another universe is hard to take seriously, but at the same time highly interesting and curious to me and the ideas of religion and science role on the existence of mankind’s origin an old age and widely asked question.

2.) What "state of mind" do you mainly make your art in?

The state of mind that I am in when creating art is usually racing in thought with all my many questions and wonder. I usually tend to get lost in my work and the process that I am engaged within at the time. I like to think I do most of my art making intuitively and unconsciously. I can only say what it is I am doing until I am absolutely done.

3.) What do you think extraterrestrial alien art would look like, and/or what do you think extraterrestrial aliens would think of your art?

I haven’t the slightest idea.

4.) Do you believe its possible that quantum physics and spirituality are connected in anyway.

Possibly… because your body is made up of millions of atoms and they all hold enormous amounts of energy. So maybe when you die you aren’t completely dead just your identity and person, but your actual energy still lives on in broken up particles scattered in the earths body the soil. This kind of thinking can be found in multiple religious beliefs around the globe with just the wording and terminology slightly different.

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