Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goode- Ignorance Is Bliss

Majority of this article is about the many people who are incompetent. Goode reviews Dr. David A. Dunning's research on this matter. Incompetent people are left blinded no other than by their own incompetence. So, this individual develops an "exaggerated self- perception" preventing them from moving forward in the self- improving department of life.
Later on Goode uses the phrase "social norms" and accuses it to prevent oneself from speaking truth right to the point with no sugar coatings. My only question is what exactly is qualified as the social norms used in the art of conversation and in the end is it not up to the one speaking to choose whether or not to speak truthfully? Goode also mentioned in the end of the article that it may be imperfect, but what is perfection?
In the end I believe we just need to look at the facts and what is right in front of us and take all this into account for whatever it may be then we can choose to discard it or not. There will be times that you will prefer to be ignorant and left with your blissful state of mind, and I believe that this can be a good thing to do according to what situation it is applied to.

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MyRulesMyWay said...

Wow! This sounds like a great read. I really like how you highlighted some of the main points it really takes you there. I'm not your average book reader but I would find this very interesting and inspiring to read.