Monday, December 13, 2010

Sontag Writing

Plato- believes art not useful and not true

Aristotle- does believe art is useful as therapeutic and purges dangerous emotions

This brings in form and content= giving meaning

Our brains are always trying to make sense of things and using our familiar to start filling in the gaps and we constantly constructing up something that we can understand. Interpret.

“ Rules of Interpretation” –Things are therefore altered now through this

-it must be also evaluated, within a historical view of human consciousness.

We can never go back to the time before theory we will always be justifying things and feel the need to defend it. I feel that many artists try to achieve this idea of being unconscious, but I feel that could never be really completely pure.

Art w/o implications – not possible!

“To understand is to interpret. And to interpret is to restate the phenomenon, in effect to find an equivalent for it.” (Paragraph on Freud & Marx)

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