Sunday, October 17, 2010

Getting to the core of it all...

Why am I really doing this? What exactly am I trying to accomplish? I could have been very well a doctor like my parents wanted, I could have followed through with their idea of success. Why am I telling you this now? Well I guess it is to say I am and will always be a creative thinker. I need to make art. I want to make art. The art I am about is the art that creates an environment that persuades the audience to hopefully move to change or at least think about it. Its about reaching down to the root and loving it tenderly with real affection. You may be wondering the root of what? The root of humanity. This current body of work will be made up of bringing people together, the idea of community and traditional humane connections. Take a moment to become "fleshy" to connect without the direct technological interferences and really communicate with one another face to face in the flesh. This is what I want to accomplish by my art, to make communities that connect in a direct way using the senses (touch, smell, see, hear, taste.) Maybe get back to some basics in order that we don't forget it completely. Technology has been great and opened many doors, but I do believe we should not forget how to read body language and also be able to have social interactions of everyday life. When was the last time one of you actually wrote a letter to someone by post or even received one from someone other than the bills and the "junk mail" as some refer to it? Think about it emails are great but imagine how excited you are when you do get that occasional card or personal letter in the mailbox amongst the bills and "junk mail", don't you smile?

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